Our IP professionals bring deep knowledge and experience to the industries we serve. Our sector-specific experience helps us anticipate the unique challenges and opportunities that our clients face. 

Medical Devices

Our IP professionals, several of whom have worked in-house at medical device companies, have extensive experience in the medical device industry. We have an in depth understanding of the particular issues facing medtech companies. We have represented clients in the neurological, gastrointestinal, oncology, medical robotics, surgical tools, prosthetics, dermatological, neurovascular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, peripheral vascular, immunological, renal, obstetrics/gynecology, ophthalmic, dental and combination drug/device spaces.


Our firm has experience and expertise in representing clients adapting and applying genetics, biological processes, biological molecules and biological systems for medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial uses. Existing clients span pharmaceutical, therapeutic and research spaces.


Our expertise in biotechnology and medical devices, including our understanding of immunology, biology, optics and electrical engineering, provides us with the technical background necessary to navigate the technical and commercial complexities of medical and companion diagnostics. U.S. patent law in the diagnostics space continues to evolve, and we are well positioned to successfully develop strategies to adjust to these challenges.

Digital Health

Our blend of client representations reflects the emerging convergence of HealthCare – IoT/IIoT. Importantly, our professionals have both the practical and technical experience required to navigate this evolving health ecosystem. Our experience in the areas of wearable electronics, medical analysis systems, and health monitoring makes us a perfect fit to handle the issues of digital health technology. Our experience includes strategies implemented to protect software, firmware and hardware for monitoring, analyzing monitoring data and communicating information to physicians and patients/consumers.

Green Energy

Our team has experience working with a variety of green energy technologies including geothermal energy, wave and ocean energy, solar power, wind power and fuel cells as well as green building and construction technologies.


Our team has worked extensively in the areas of consumer electronics, wireless, telecommunications, semiconductor and MEMS fabrication, and computer systems.


Our professionals have represented companies developing software for diverse applications including continuous glucose monitoring and insulin dosing, 360 degree video streaming and camera calibration, workload simulation for parallel distributed file storage, advertising conversion systems for mobile network operators, mobile device HD video compression, mobile device location tracking, coupon and gaming, sleep inducing systems, robotic control and genetic optimization methods.

Consumer Products

Our patent professionals have significant experience in the consumer products industry including work with technologies in the virtual reality, sporting equipment, games and toys, consumer electronics and beauty sectors.

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